Custom, natural fiber hemp wedding dresses and bridal gowns for your green wedding by Tara Lynn Studio One-of-a-kind, custom, natural fiber wedding dresses and bridal gowns for your green wedding by Tara Lynn Studio.

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Hi Tara Lynn,
Oh my gosh!! It’s a beautiful piece of art. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it. I really think it turned out wonderfully. I loved the entire experience, Thanks!
  —Heather, Wed in VA

Custom Wedding Gowns

Fabric remnants and vintage lace are used to create the embellishments on this  eco wedding gown. This hemp and silk dress was made for a green wedding in Northampton, Massachusetts Perfect wedding gown style for your green wedding celebration. You can Custom order a tea length wedding gown in hemp and silk so you can wear it again. Add a splash of color to your custom wedding gown Full circle wedding gown made of natural fibers and tea length perfect gown style for getting married in a field of flowers and butterflies Natural fiber wedding gown embellished with leaves, flowers and a luna moth all hand made in Vermont for your green wedding Tara Lynn eco wedding gown made of hemp-silk embroidered with butterflies and vintage lace appliqués one of a kind wedding gown, unique and colorful wedding dress style Personalize your wedding gown by selecting the colors flowers and butterflies. This wedding dress is made of soft natural fiber hemp silk and appliquéd with hand made flowers Tara Lynn uses re-purposed materials and vintage fabrics to create art work for custom wedding gowns. This wedding dress is made of hemp silk satin fabric Father of the Bride walks his little girl down the aisle in a hemp and silk wedding gown Hemp silk custom bridal gown embellished with hand made applique butterfly, lupine and California poppies surrounded by sea shells and sequins on hemp silk wedding gown The bride and groom in this Eco Wedding were wed on top of a mountain in California. Embroidered butterfly and poppies are appliquéd on this hemp silk wedding gown. Embellishments on this Natural fiber wedding gown matched the floral arrangements at the wedding This custom Hemp silk  wedding dress is sprinkled with seashells and sequins, has an empire seam, detachable train and laces up in back. It was ordered from Utah, worn in California and made in the USA. It features poppies and Lupins hand made from repurposed materials found in Vermont Hand embroidered butterflies on a green hemp and silk wedding dress with spaghetti straps and handkerchief hem. The yellow ribbon and embroidered eagles represent freedom on this customized unique wedding dress Tiffany is married at the Green Parrot Resort, Maya Beach, Belize in a custom made natural fiber wedding dress Hemp and silk wedding gown made in Vermont for Tiffany from Knoxville, Tennessee. The embroidery represents her interests in veterinary medicine, animals, and the Army. Laura’s natural fiber wedding gown as she strolls through the park. She is so cute in this dress! Two wenrry in Pennsylvania in October 2009. Partners in crime and partners in life these two women were gleaming with love for one another on their wedding day. Custom hemp wedding gown has a shawl with crawling ivy leaves. Large red California poppies are hand made in Vermont for Leah and Larua’s wedding in Pennsylvania. Vines of Ivy crawl up Laura’s gown and hand made sterling roses nestle on this hemp and silk custom wedding gown. Laura’s wedding gown is embellished with sterling roses, red California poppies and Cyclamen. Glass beads resemble dew drops. Dragon flies with sparkly wings fly amongst the flowers. Leah celebrating unity with her wife at her wedding in Pensylvania. She wears a hemp and silk gown made in Vermont by Tara Lynn. Beaded dragonflies kiss at the back of Leahs fabulous natural fiber wedding gown. Leah's custom hemp and silk wedding dress has an empire band hand beaded in the USA with a poppy, vine and dragonflies kiss at the back. Leah's poppy tattoo caries into the art work on Laura’s custom hemp silk wedding gown. Two Custom hemp and silk wedding gowns for a wedding in Pensylvania. These two fabulous women tie the knot in CT. as lesbians and gays can legally marry in Connecticut and celebrate their eco conscious wedding in PA. Making Leah and Laura’s wedding gowns were just about the most fun ever. You can tell by their wedding gowns how much fun we had working together. Tara Lynn’s personal wedding dress is made of green hemp and silk, the low cut back is embellished with vintage lace and hand embroidered butterflies cover the bodice. Custom order this style for your wedding or a cocktail party. Wear this sexy green cocktail dress to a Green wedding in Vermont, dinner in New Mexico, to a green awards ceremony in Manhattan, NY, to an art show in Northampton, MA or to your own wedding on an exotic Caribbean island The perfect gown for a Green wedding in Vermont is made of hemp/silk has a handkerchief hem, spaghetti straps and hand embroidered butterflies on the bodice 5Miss Vermont models her Miss America Pageantry gown. Winner of best talent the bodice of her gown is embellished with beads and sequins and was hand made in Vermont by Tara Lynn. Tara Lynn makes glamorous natural fiber gowns for special occasions. One of kind cocktail gowns, wedding gowns, mother of the bride, pageantry gowns are custom made by Tara Lynn. This one was designed for Miss Vermont in 2009 in gold hemp and silk satin. Beads and sequins embellish this bronze Miss America Pageantry gown made of hemp and silk worn in Las Vegas in the 2009 Miss America Pageant. Gold Miss America pageantry gown worn by Miss Vermont made in the USA of hemp and silk, gold lace and glass beads. Miss Vermont models her natural fiber pageantry gown made of hemp/silk and gold lace. Miss Vermont in her custom hemp silk pageantry gown made in Vermont by Tara Lynn. Hand made dahlias on a custom made wedding gown in natural organic cotton, made in Vermont by Tara Lynn This white wedding dress was worn to a green wedding. It is made of really soft and comfy organic cotton. It was custom embellished with columbines, dahlias and sweet bumble bees. Organic cotton wedding gown made in Vermont for a bride in Victoria, B.C. Canada (west coast) wedding. This natural fiber wedding dress was custom made. Her friends married on Sidney Island, I heard there are great beaches there, perfect place to wear a natural wedding gown with seashells. Val’s wedding ensemble includes a ruffle on the halter neck line, veil made of 100% cotton, a linen silk lining, pockets in the brides skirt and vintage lace garter belt. This is a perfect combination for a practical wedding gown, made in Vermont by Tara Lynn. Lyndonville, Vermont green wedding.  Custom made for an October wedding, this gown is covered with reverse appliqué birds and has a plunging halter neckline. The bride even has pockets in her full circle skirt. Dance away the night in this eco conscious style. Val’s organic cotton wedding dress with bird appliqués. The bridal gown is made of a layer of linen and silk and reverse appliqué birds are hand stitched with organic cotton threads. There are embroidered birds on the bodice of this natural fiber wedding dress. This hemp and silk wedding gown was made in Vermont and it’s train is covered in fall foliage maple leaves in vivid red hemp silk and gold. Hemp and Silk wedding dress made for the eco conscious bride and perfect for a Vermont wedding with it’s fall foliage maple leaves and colorful Black Eyed Susan’s on the bodice Hemp and silk wedding gown made by Tara Lynn and embellished with Vermont fall foliage maple leaves. This is the perfect gown for a fall foliage eco conscious wedding in New England. Custom wedding gown made of hemp and silk was custom ordered by a bride in New Jersey and is embellished with lotus flowers, zinnia and luna moth appliqués hand made in Vermont by Tara Lynn. The bride wears a natural fiber wedding gown made by Tara Lynn, in an out door eco wedding ceremony in New Jersey. Out door eco wedding bride and groom embrace after the wedding ceremony. Close up of embroidered butterflies on natural fiber wedding dress custom made for a bride from New Jersey green wedding. Hand made Luna moth made of vintage fabrics for a hemp silk wedding gown. The natural fiber gown was made in Vermont for a bride that wed in New Jersey. Hand embroidered and appliquéd Blue Morpho butterfly on custom hemp wedding gown for a green wedding in New Jersey. Eco conscious bridal gown with detachable Sea Shell train of macramé hemp twine. Custom Dress made in Vermont for Green wedding in Illinois. Empire seam wedding dress made of hemp and organic cotton, Very easy and comfortable wedding dress style fits many body types and is great for moms or great maternity wedding gown style. Hemp and organic cotton custom wedding dress with handkerchief hem, hand made applique butterflies, vines and detachable sea shell train. The shells were collected at yard sales on Long Island, NY This hemp and cotton wedding gown was made in Vermont and worn in a green wedding in Illinois Special custom one of a kind earth friendly wedding gown made of hemp and organic cotton Eco conscious wedding dress made in Vermont with knit spaghetti straps, empire seam, handkerchief hem, lace up back and detachable sea shell train Close up of hand made lilacs on hemp silk bridal gown for an eco conscious wedding in Virgina. The eco conscious bride was from Manhattan and custom ordered the wedding gown with Clematis and Lilacs. This custom Eco wedding dress was made in Vermont. The dress is hemp silk and appliquéd with hand embroidered and beaded Irises, Clematis, Peonies and Lilacs. Purple clematis flowers made by hand decorate this custom wedding dress, The bride requested hemp/silk chiffon gown with sweet heart neckline. Hemp-silk Bridal gown with spaghetti straps, scoop neck, drop waistline, size 12, princess dress with petal skirt floral appliqués and embroidered fairies One of a kind Custom made hemp and silk wedding dress embellished with colorful flowers and fairies Wearable art eco wedding dress with hand embroidered sweet pea flower fairy, rose hips fairy, wild rose fairy, scarlet pimpernel and other flower fairies Flower Fairies play on this hemp-silk wedding gown hand made in Vermont.  Re purposed and vintage fabric remnants are transformed into flowers with hand embroidery techniques Sweet Pea flower fairy on natural fiber wedding dress. This eco conscious bride married in England in this hemp/silk wedding dress made in Vermont  Eco wedding dress. Green wedding gown made for a wedding in England out of hemp-silk. It is embellished with hand embroidered flower fairies, rose bay willows, rose hips and sweet peas. Rebecca and Raf’s wedding was in south eastern Long Island, NY. Her eco wedding dress is a halter style made of  Hemp/Silk and embellished with dragon flies, wine colored beads and vintage lace. The sea shell train was perfect for their wedding by the sea. This eco conscious bride was from Brooklyn, New York. She had a vegan wedding in New Paltz, NY.  Her wedding gown was made of hemp and organic cotton. The wedding dress has knit hemp twine spaghetti straps, crochet flowers, and a detachable sea shell train


Be Radiant

The moments you treasure are the ones when you dare to just be do something follow your heart.

Tara Lynn captures this same exuberant, adventurous spirit in every custom wedding gown she creates. She will work with you to design a gown that is as one-of-a-kind as you are...that fits your body and your personality...and also reflects and protects the natural elements of the earth.

...A gown that will help make your wedding day a treasured moment.

Tara Lynn Bridal
Be Radiant

The Art of an Eco-Wedding

As an eco-conscious bride your goal is to simplify your wedding by eliminating the frou-frou, glitter and excess. Don’t feel guilty if you are one of these brides and you find yourself striving to create the perfect eco-wedding. It takes time to find the right products to minimize the trash and consumption at your wedding while not compromising the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. There are the organic flowers, tree free invitations and most importantly the element you get to keep for the rest of your life – your eco-wedding dress! Well, you can be a green bride and still dress to impress. Tara Lynn can make you an eco-friendly wedding gown you will love and cherish.

A natural fiber wedding gown is the perfect addition to your eco-wedding

Since 1999, Indie wedding dress designer Tara Lynn has been designing custom, eco-friendly wedding dresses. Every wedding dress is made in Vermont using a mix of eco-friendly fabrics including silk, hemp or organic cotton. You can order a wedding dress from any collection and request personalized custom modifications.

Tara Lynn Bridal offers diverse collections of eco-friendly wedding dresses; her Goddess Wedding Dress Collection is a mix of bohemian, hippie and gothic inspiration, for glamorous girls with attitude see Tara Lynn's Vintage Bride Collection and for true radiance and ethereal romance see her Tara Lynn Collection. See her portfolio of custom designed wedding gowns all made of natural fibers like silk, hemp and organic cotton.

Tara Lynn Bridal specializes in custom wedding dresses with colorful handmade embellishments including hemp wedding dresses with seashell trains, a hemp and silk wedding dress with hand embroidered flower fairies and one of a kind wedding dresses embellished with handmade butterfly appliqués.

Tara Lynn sends her custom, made-in-Vermont wedding dresses to brides all over the US, Canada and Europe.

Questions?Schedule an appointment with Tara Lynn to discuss your wedding gown. You can call Tara Lynn direct at 802-467-9036 or 802-745-8042. .


“Tara Lynn…you did a wonderful job…the dress was unbelievable…Kim looked gorgeous, it fit like a glove…everyone was praising your work!!”
  —Judy (Mother of the Bride), NJ

“I'm THRILLED with the dress! It's really, seriously, super awesome and beautiful, and it makes me feel beautiful, curvaceous and happy again, like a wedding dress should!”
  —Hillay, UT and Wed in CA

Hi Tara Lynn,
Oh, how lucky am I for having such a lovely dress. We went to Vegas in the beginning of December I felt like a queen wearing this dress. I hope my daughter will wear it someday.
Thank you and all the best,
  —Elise, MA

Dear Tara Lynn,
I love the dress, it makes me feel so wonderful about getting married. It really fits who I am and want to be. Thanks for suggesting the B&B and restaurant. It was above and beyond.
  —Heather, NY

  —Nikki, Chicago