Custom, natural fiber wedding dresses for your green wedding by Tara Lynn Studio Your questions answered about custom, natural fiber—hemp and hemp-silk wedding dresses.

Custom Wedding Dress FAQs

Q. What is the process for ordering a custom eco-friendly wedding dress?

(We usually need 6 months notice for a custom dress and 3 months for a made to fit dress, please contact Tara Lynn directly to inquire about a rush order.)

  1. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF.  Request a Personal Interview via email. Once Tara Lynn knows more about you and what you are looking for she can give you an estimate on a custom gown or help you select a style that works for you and your budget. Email Tara Lynn OR call to set up a phone appointment or private consultation.
  2. SEND PAYMENT OR DEPOSIT.  For a custom dress, the deposit is 50% of the full estimate.  For made-to-order styles full payment is required.  We accept checks made out to Tara Lynn or credit card payments via our order form.
  3. YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS: Your photos and measurements are important during design and development. You can download the Measurement Sheet and instructions from our website.  Send full-length photographs of yourself taken from the front, side and back.  Important: wear something close-fitting such as a leotard for these photos. Tara Lynn also requests a photo of you that really represents who you are.
  4. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT REVIEW. Fabric swatches and or sketches are sent once we receive your first payment. You may review these and email your choices and comments/likes/dislikes to Tara Lynn Bridal.
  5. FITTING.  If you will not be coming to the studio Tara Lynn will send you a sample of your dress and a pin cushion for your fitting.  Try on the sample and have someone help take digital full-length photographs of the front, side and back.  Email these photos to Tara Lynn BEFORE you mail the dress back.  Tara Lynn will call you to talk over any issues.  Then she will give you the okay to return the dress.
  6. REVIEW ARTWORK DESIGN.  Tara Lynn will send you sketches, layouts, colors, details of artwork, trim, etc. for your review and approval.  If necessary, based on your comments, Tara Lynn will make changes to artwork/embellishments and send for your second approval. Tara Lynn will begin to create the actual artwork, pin it to the dress, and send digital images to you for approval of size, scale and placement. 
  7. FINAL PAYMENT. If you placed a custom order final payment is due once we have your approval on the fitting and artwork review. We require final payment before the gown is completed.
  8. YOUR FINISHED DRESS.  On receipt of final payment, your dress is finished, steamed, placed in a garment bag and shipped to you.  Please try her on right away to allow time for any last minute requests or changes.

Q. Can I afford a custom hemp wedding gown from Tara Lynn?

A. Tara Lynn has diverse collections of eco-friendly wedding dresses available in sizes 2-14 (order a custom size for an additional fee). Prices start at $600. Tara Lynn can embellish or modify wedding dress styles ordered from these collections for an additional charge. A custom wedding gown starts at $3,000. Tara Lynn offers a special package for bridal gowns over $3,000; fittings include a gift certificate to a local bed and breakfast in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Q. Do I live too far away to order a custom wedding gown or jacket from Tara Lynn?

A. Tara Lynn ships nationally and internationally. She will send you digital photos of your wedding dress in progress and mail you fittings. Tara Lynn will include a pin cushion with your fitting so you may have it pinned by a friend or family member or at a local seamstress. Digital images of the fitting will help communicate any adjustments needed.

Q. Where does Tara Lynn find all of her materials?

A. Tara Lynn has been collecting treasures of vintage fabrics, trims and embellishments since she was 14 years old. Old necklaces become beads on bridal trains, fabric scraps are turned into flower petals, old threads used for embroidery, table linens for trims, upholstery remnants used to make corsets. The possibilities are endless, beautiful and one of a kind.

Q. Why use hemp for a wedding dress, isn’t it stiff and scratchy?

A. Hemp is a superb fiber for wedding gowns as it is strong yet soft and has body. The hemp fabric Tara Lynn uses for wedding gowns is soft, beautiful, comfortable and luxurious. Hemp is a sustainable plant that uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow making it the perfect fiber choice for an eco-wedding gown. Today hemp is blended with silk or organic cotton and is available in designer colors, textures and qualities. When you order a hemp wedding gown Tara Lynn will mail you a bunch of swatches to choose from including shiny hemp satins, sheer hemp silk and organic cottons.

Q. What is my groom going to wear?

 A. Tara Lynn offers a custom hemp suit, dress shirts and pants.

Q. Does Tara Lynn provide services for LGBT weddings?

A. Yes, of course she does. Tara Lynn makes wedding dresses and suits for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender weddings.

Q. How do I care for a hemp wedding dress after the wedding?

A. Tara Lynn will send you specific care instructions along with your finished wedding dress.  Sometimes Tara Lynn recommends hand washing a hemp and cotton wedding gown in cold water with ecofriendly detergent and hanging it to dry in bright sunlight rotating it every hour to prevent water marks. Other times she recommends dry cleaning silks and other fabrics. Once your dress is clean store it in a closet in a garment bag and take her out again for special occasions. Most hemp wedding gowns require high heat and lots of steam when pressing but be mindful not to use high heat near appliques.

Q. What is the best way to contact Tara Lynn?

A. Tara Lynn loves receiving a phone call or you can use the contact form for inquiries. You can call her directly for a consultation at 802 745-8042 or 802-467-9036.  "I like to get to know my customers personally; it helps me design something especially for them when I know who they are." – Tara Lynn